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Digitaliso, the Quality management software

To improve performance, you need to make a change. How? By listening to what the market says and experiencing digital transformation as an opportunity.

Digitaliso was born with the aim of transforming, simplifying and organizing the workflow within companies, presenting itself as a modern tool that is always in step with the times. Is the software right for you?

From SMEs to large companies

If you are a company certified according to one or more ISO standards, our software can be a valid support in the production of value: digitalizing yourself is essential, especially if you are experiencing difficulties in managing your ISO standard System in a traditional way and are experiencing the certification as a burden, rather than an investment.

How can Digitaliso be of great help to you?

  • managing deadlines that affect the Management System;
  • tracing the activities carried out for their fulfillment;
  • assisting you in the operational continuity and in the control of the most up-to-date documentation;
  • collecting, cataloging and managing non-conformities and claims, reducing the causes of errors and initiating corrective actions;
  • managing personal files and training activities;
  • supporting you in the organized archiving of all the records required by the regulations;
  • activating collaboration and involvement of staff through a controlled delegation process.

The goal of our software is to simplify the approach to Management Systems, making it an integral part of operational processes; the benefits that can be obtained by using this platform are:

  • time saving;
  • awareness of the staff in relation to an approach based on continuous improvement;
  • reduction of errors and waste;
  • reduction of operational risks.


What do they say

about US

“When I saw Digitaliso for the first time, I feared it would be too complicated a solution for our organisation, but now, after some time, I am happy to have trusted it”

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Niccolò Gilardoni

Owner ・ Gilardoni Arturo S.r.l.

“After a year of daily use we can say that it is a valid tool for business management, even for a dynamic company like Qualilab”

Logo testimonial

Claudio Conforti

Quality Manager ・Qualilab S.r.l.

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If your job consists of helping certified companies to govern a Management System tailored to them, you too will be able to benefit from Digitaliso: a step-by-step guided transformation which will allow you to differentiate yourself from the competition and create new relationships, leads and customers.

Our software is an innovative and valuable proposition, capable of delivering numerous advantages:

  • simplify the document approach of your customers’ management systems;
  • receive notifications and alerts to collaborate in real time and remotely;
  • monitor and intervene, promptly and proactively, with respect to needs and critical issues;
  • assist and intervene in customer improvement processes;
  • provide training on the use of the platform;
  • modify and scale the service based on needs and opportunities.

As a consultant, with Digitaliso you can provide a concrete solution to your clients’ problems, through a tool capable of digitizing Management Systems and making you different from your competitors while you focus on your work.