Artificial Intelligence software for managing the Quality System

AMMIRA is the Artificial Intelligence of Digitaliso, the first platform in Italy that hosts artificial intelligence at the service of your Quality System!

Management Systems are complex tools that can consist of a few dozen to hundreds of documents. Being aware of everything that a System prescribes and plans through manuals, procedures, operational documents and forms is one of the main difficulties that occur in companies.

Organizational knowledge, which is part of the standard requirements themselves, is often delegated to a few individuals. For most people in a company, navigating through documents is a complex exercise that limits the effectiveness itself of the Management Systems.

Imagine a tool which:

Always has the answer ready

It allows anyone in the company to query the procedures and get the answer you need in real time by answering your questions after reading your documents for you.

Supports the onboarding of new staff

It supports the onboarding of new staff by allowing easy use of the manuals and all documentation regarding the use of the platform, also providing methodological notions and insights.

Verifies the consistency of the documents

It helps verify the consistency of documents to ensure adequate application.

Provides documentary evidence

It provides the required documentary evidence to your clients and auditors in a simple and fast way.

In short, a true expert of YOUR Management System at everybody’s service!

Thanks to Ammira you will be able to:

Increase awareness and knowledge of the System for everyone

Save time in training new staff and searching for information within your System documentation

Improve audits

Amaze customers and auditors with a revolutionary tool