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Digitaliso has been chosen by companies of all sizes, from multinationals and large companies to SMEs, artisan businesses and micro businesses.

The sectors in which we operate are the most diverse: public services, business services, commercial companies, production companies in the heavy and light mechanical, chemical, food, electronics, ceramics, wood, rubber, construction and transport sectors.

You too will be able to find an answer to your specific needs thanks to the versatility and effectiveness of the Digitaliso platform.

Niccolò Gilardoni

Gilardoni Arturo S.r.l.

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Gilardoni Arturo Srl may seem like the classic medium-small sized mechanical workshop, but if you are looking for a partner capable of making shafts, rods and rollers for you with a high precision degree of finishing, the suggestion is to contact them.

The Digitaliso platform has been introduced since 2017, freeing up the time necessary to redesign the organization starting from history, refocus vision and mission and concentrate on what they do best for their customers.

When I saw Digitaliso for the first time I feared it would be too complicated a solution for our organisation, but now, after some time, I am happy to have placed my trust in it“.

Emmanuele Del Piano

People 3.0

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People 3.0 is a cooperative in Modena that provides high-profile training and coaching services. The Digitaliso platform has been introduced since 2018, as well as the Quality 4.0 model to reorganize their organizational and management processes in order to re-orient them according to the company mission and values.

Emanuele Del Piano, co-founder and owner of the company tells us:

Digitaliso has allowed us to bring quality not only to the services provided, but to all processes. The Quality Management System actually pushed us to think about and improve the entire value creation model. Gianlorenzo, with his experience and professionalism, guided us to transform an apparent annual obligation into a tool for organizing and keeping our core business under control.

A lot of synergy has been created and trust has been strengthened, above all thanks to the quality training path/service (which we have internally renamed “Quality coaching”), which has further relieved our job: we can dedicate ourselves to our work, sure of having someone who draws our attention to quality processes as often as necessary. In this way we are learning to apply the Management System day-by-day to make it part of everyday life“.

Giuseppe Domaschio

Boffi S.p.A.

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Boffi Spa is a world leader in designer kitchens. The introduction of Digitaliso in 2018 made possible to start a process of progressive simplification and streamlining of the Quality Management System thanks to the digitalisation of numerous organizational processes.

Two years later, the progressive development of Digitaliso’s functions has made possible to start an important project for the digitalisation of customer reports, which has resulted in the improvement of the quality of the recordings and data available for analysis, with the aim of near future to automate the communication of Quality data towards the customer and internally within the organization.

Service Manager

Cavenaghi S.p.A.

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It is a slim, fast, very practical product for putting in order and keeping all the documentation under control and therefore very important for those who have a certification“.

Forgia Rapida S.r.l.

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Digitaliso, in addition to the streamlined management of documentation and records relating to all three management systems such as quality, safety and environment, is the ideal tool for responding quickly and promptly to customer requests during company audits, but above all , being on a web platform, all you need is an internet connection and any PC; Smartphone, Tablet devices you can quickly access Digitaliso and consult, update, approve documents, manage Non-Conformities, Reports and much more, with significant savings and optimization of time.

We also happened to be able to show the client his performance while we were in a meeting at their premises”.

P. Soli

D.E.L.M.A.C. S.r.l.

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D.E.L.M.A.C. S.r.l. is the demonstration of the fact that Quality is not a tool only for complex organizations and that the Management (or the Entrepreneur) is the real driver of every improvement process. This small company competes every day with the global giants of “white goods” (washing machines, dishwashers, etc.), creating hundreds of thousands of electrical cables every year. D.E.L.M.A.C. introduced Digitaliso to digitize its Quality System.

Thanks to Digitaliso we have been able to develop a simple, streamlined and automated Management System, in line with the winning strategies of our company“.

Elgon Cosmetic

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Pidielle S.p.A. is a company specialized in hair cosmetics that combines artisan tradition, passion for the world of beauty and orientation towards research and innovation through technologically advanced formulations designed with teams of experts, tested in the salon and produced for a single objective: the beauty of hair .

The company’s core business is the creation of products for coloring and bleaching hair, up to the development of hair care, styling and finish and texture products (permanent and straightening), inspired by the traditional language of art, painting and poetry. The target market is made up of professional hairdressers in over 80 countries around the world who believe in the beauty power of effective, delicate and pleasant products.

The Pidielle Management System is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 22716:2007 (GMP) certified. Dr. Fabio Ferrari – QA Manager Pidielle SPA – tells us: “Since its presentation in 2014, we had already understood the usefulness of this tool for the optimal and complete management of all aspects of the systems and has been used daily since then; over the years we have gradually increased its use thanks also to continuous updates and implementations which have highly increased its potential and completeness, but at the same time making it increasingly fluid, simple and intuitive to use. The most used sections are:

 –  documented information: used in every part for complete document management; I would like to point out the particular usefulness of the ‘registrations’ section which, thanks to the possibility of creating the most varied archives and guaranteeing the security of their contents, is allowing us little by little to ‘eliminate paper’, and not only in relation to company documents coded quality.

 –  education and training: section used daily to manage and thoroughly track each training intervention, both internal and external, and related documents (slides, attendance signatures, certificates, verification tests, etc.).

 –  personal sheets: used in all aspects, with the exception of the ‘skills assessment’ section, the management of which has yet to be transferred to Digitaliso.

 –  monitoring and measurement resources: currently used only for instrumentation subject to periodic calibration; the part of the factory machinery to be implemented Non-conformities and corrective actions: together with ‘Education and training’, it is the most used section to always have all the steps of managing an NC and a CAPA under control.

 –  audit: regularly used to track and manage all audits: first, second, third party, suppliers and subcontractors.

Sections that are still underused today, but which will be ‘migrated’ to Digitaliso and implemented in the future: indicators and objectives, risk management. The main benefit of using Digitaliso is the certainty that nothing can slip through the cracks (review deadlines, documentation control, various deadlines, etc.) and the awareness of always having the entire management system constantly under control, thanks to the detailed mailing and deadline notification system, parameterizable in a truly versatile and varied way.

I recommend its use to all company users (with us, training on Digitaliso is one of the standard mandatory training interventions in the training plans for new hires, obviously calibrating the level of depth according to the role held) and above all to quality managers, for the ease of use, the completeness and variety of information and data that can be entered and managed and the possibility of eliminating practically all paper documents“.

Marco Pierobon

Somec S.p.A.

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We have been using Digitaliso since 2004 (at the time called QSA) due to the need to reduce the volume of paper documents and to manage the management systems in a more organized way by making those colleagues most involved in the quality processes interact more effectively. Over the years, other system certifications have been obtained, ISO 14001 and 45001 which, like 9001, are largely managed through Digitaliso.

This SW has always been well structured, intuitive and practical and has allowed us to achieve the initial objectives described above, thanks to the digitization of documents, data and information of all kinds, as well as the easy involvement of many colleagues.

The choice made almost twenty years ago was therefore strategically valid, so much so that we are now thinking of introducing Digitaliso to other companies in the group.

With this SW we manage:

 –  System documentation (ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 / ISO 45001);

 –  Laws and their requirements;

 –  Manuals for equipment, machines and tools;

 –  Documentation archive: regulations, company documents (CPI, various authorisations, building permits, product certifications, etc.)

 –  Company staff;

 –  NC/AC;

 –  Maintenance and calibration of instruments;

 –  Objectives and internal audits;

 –  Statistics.

After all this time I can say that behind this SW there is a highly competent and capable team, always keeping up with the times and ready for new challenges”.

Claudio Conforti


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Qualilab is a modern, competent and reliable testing laboratory, set up on an area of 1,700 m2, which carries out tests in compliance with international standards or customer specifications in various fields and sectors: lighting engineering, photometry, photobiological safety, EMC tests, vibrations, climate tests , aging, IP tests, wheel tests, UNI 10772, acoustic tests.

We have been accredited with Accredia since 2011 and have established a solid relationship with KBA and VCA for the execution of tests.

The professionalism of those who work within the laboratory is guaranteed by their high level of preparation and training in the field, the result of specific studies and long experience gained at accredited international bodies in the field of testing/certification.

We ensure the constant updating and competence of our staff, also thanks to the links we maintain with similar laboratories and research centres.

The instrumentation, always updated and of proven reliability, guarantees the validity of the results and measurements performed.

At the beginning of 2019, the use of Digitaliso was introduced at the same time as the transition to the new version of the regulation that establishes the competence requirements of testing laboratories (EN ISO/IEC 17025:2017). In this way we have automated a series of aspects:

– management of non-conformities and corrective actions, internal and external audit plans;

– management of all laboratory instrumentation, both in relation to calibration and maintenance;

– annual objectives, with the creation of monthly milestones to verify work progress;

– management of actions to reduce risks/exploit opportunities, planning of staff training and related recording of instructions carried out;

– evaluation of suppliers (with the possibility of dividing them based on the type of supply).

At a managerial level the following were appreciated:

– the dashboard function which on one screen gives a general view of the status of the quantity system;

– the analysis function which allows you to aggregate the system’s timely recordings.

After a year of daily use we can affirm that it is a valid tool for business management, even for a dynamic company like Qualilab.

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