A single work environment where you can manage information in a unique way, while keeping it separate by topic, allowing you to customize the platform according to your needs.

Documented information

Much more than a simple document repository: through this section you put all your Quality System documentation under control, distribute it and control access thanks to a real-time notification system of all users involved.


It controls timetables and reminders for all your business resources. Here you will find a staff training management tool and a simple way to manage instruments and maintenance with intervention and calibration registers where you can archive reports and certificates.


It guides the heart of your Management System in an organized way. Through these menus, every event related to audits, non-conformities and corrective or improvement actions is tracked and properly communicated to create a mine of information that guides you to success.

Analysis and evaluations

What is the point of collecting data if you don’t have the right analysis tools to transform it into information? Here you will find where you can collect and process everything you need for your Quality Management System: from evaluations of Customers to those of Suppliers, up to the visualizations of the data collected throughout the System.


What do they say

about US

“When I saw Digitaliso for the first time, I feared it would be too complicated a solution for our organisation, but now, after some time, I am happy to have trusted it”

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Niccolò Gilardoni

Owner ・ Gilardoni Arturo S.r.l.

“After a year of daily use we can say that it is a valid tool for business management, even for a dynamic company like Qualilab”

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Claudio Conforti

Quality Manager ・Qualilab S.r.l.

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