Why digitalize your ISO Management System by using Digitaliso?


Time is a precious ally within companies: our software allows you to have archives sorted and shared with the team, receive notifications, generate reports and indicators, keep deadlines and activity progress under control. Furthermore, it is possible to supervise your own work, distribute responsibilities and also check the execution progress of the planned tasks.


Fewer documents, fewer errors resulting from manual management of information, fewer redundancies and duplicates. In short: less waste.


Error is innovation! The important thing is not to make the same mistake twice. Digitaliso simplifies the collection of non-compliances and complaints, helping you to keep track of the problems that have occurred and to manage the necessary actions to ensure they do not recur.


Ready-to-use methodologies and sharing of information just a click away, thanks to notifications and reporting, help you increase the team’s involvement within the company, making your customers and your control bodies perceive greater efficiency; in addition, you can share information and monitor your suppliers. Digitaliso is a single platform, but within it you can plan, manage and archive documents and data in a synergistic and controlled way.

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Having a customized tool that simplifies daily management and guarantees compliance with regulatory requirements is a great advantage for your company: you just need to follow the software to be sure you have done what you need. Even from a formal point of view.


The information is centralized in a single archive and distributed by competence to the people involved: accesses are profiled and each individual user takes on specific and different roles based on your needs. Suppliers and customers can be involved through dedicated users and can interact directly within the platform.


With Digitaliso you reduce operational risks: sorting and optimizing documents and data requires no effort, because our software takes care of updating lists, involving people at the right time, remembering deadlines, archiving documents, developing indicators and analysis tables. All in an automatic and integrated way.


Digitaliso does not oblige your company to make a fixed investment: thanks to a flexible and modular usage fee, the expense is commensurate with its use.

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Digitaliso vs Office


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“When I saw Digitaliso for the first time, I feared it would be too complicated a solution for our organisation, but now, after some time, I am happy to have trusted it”

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Niccolò Gilardoni

Owner ・ Gilardoni Arturo S.r.l.

“After a year of daily use we can say that it is a valid tool for business management, even for a dynamic company like Qualilab”

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Claudio Conforti

Quality Manager ・Qualilab S.r.l.

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