QSA.net is a UNI EN ISO 9001 certified company for the following activities:

  • design of proprietary software solutions;
  • Provision of Software as a Service;
  • Consulting, training and software assistance services (EA33,37).
Foto del Dott. Caccia Gianlorenzo

Dr. Caccia Gianlorenzo

CEO QSA.net Srl

UNI 11814 INTERTEK certified Innovation Manager

The Decree of the 29 July 2019 of the Italian Ministry of Economic Development marked the birth of a new professional figure in Italy, which is intended to:

  • support technological and digital transformation processes;
  • implement enabling technologies;
  • modernize management and organizational structures (including access to financial and capital markets);
  • apply new organizational models in commercial practices, management strategies and organizing the workplace

These are transversal skills aimed at promoting innovation in the company.

Our activity begins where that of those who historically deal with Management Systems ends. Starting from decades of experience in the field of organizational processes, empowered by the digital technology of proprietary Cloud solutions, we support Companies and Consultants to create value.