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Digitaliso offers a perfect solution for consultants and professionals in the world of ISO-compliant Management Systems.

In fact, cloud technology on the one hand allows you to concentrate on your business without any need to develop system and IT skills, and on the other, it offers an opportunity to collaborate with your customers effectively.’s over ten years of experience in the world of ISO-compliant Management Systems guarantees an interlocutor capable of understanding your needs and speaking the same language to the full advantage of the effectiveness of your work.

In this way, it will be possible to stand out on the market by offering a digital solution integrated into your services, confident that you will always have all the assistance necessary to transform each project into a success.

Marco Catalani


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The collaboration started with has brought added value to our work because around one software we have become leaders in our reference market in the Management Systems sector and we have won commercial comparisons with other competitors thanks to this solution.

The possibility of building further consultancy and training activities around the product has allowed us to retain customers (once they are used to the system, there is no competitor that can enter the company) and to increase the turnover of services connected to the product for each customer who needs more support and training.

The service support is great and practically real-time. The software is constantly evolving and, as a Partner, we help point out opportunities for improvement.

Today Digitaliso does his job very well in an SME”.

Ivan Colombo


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I had been looking for years for a software that could help me and my clients in monitoring management systems, but nothing I had tried had ever convinced me enough. Comparing me with a fellow evaluator, he introduced me to Digitaliso, first with a demo made by him, and then, by contacting the company with a more detailed demo by the Team.

I proposed it to a client, who took the opportunity and we tested it together. One year later I can say that the software met my expectations, but above all it fully met my client’s expectations, making work more efficient for both. In light of this first experience, I decided to adopt Digitaliso as a working tool both for myself and for my clients, presenting and installing it in many other environments“.

Massimiliano Pierni


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We offer Digitaliso to our customers because we believe in the potential of this software and are in favor of the digitalisation of management systems in an era in which everything travels on the web and is highly interconnected.

For any problems or doubts, assistance responds quickly. Furthermore, the technicians and developers are highly available to customers who require customizing the software to find the solution best suited to their needs together.

Regarding the software, our customers are particularly satisfied because Digitaliso facilitates the control of all deadlines, with the possibility of receiving alerts and reminders for each activity. All documentation is available online, always updated and accessible to all users. And it also offers the opportunity to manage various aspects from a single interface, from infrastructure to training to non-compliance”.

Luca Salini

Sada S.n.c.

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As an auditor, I appreciated the streamlining of the Digitaliso platform that sees a very clear and defined structure for the common HLS model records of the different certification schemes as well as specifically dedicated functions for specific topics such as Risk Analysis, Analysis of Mandatory Aspects, and internal and external documentation management.

The platform also seemed highly customizable to the organization’s management system as it should be since every management system must be properly customized and implemented by the structure. It was immediately clear to me that thanks to Digitaliso, the management system has moved from document and records management to the higher level of true business management.

The platform automatically manages the document flow and related records in a structured way and at the same time provides a real-time dashboard of all activities and deadlines linked to the different certified systems and customized for different users, hence the true management tool for process managers.

Through Digitaliso all system documentation is structured and accessible and searchable remotely, one could almost do part of the audit remotely, and then focus as an internal or external audit activity only on the organization’s operational processes“.