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Consultants and Auditors

How to join? As I said it is very simple and transparent:

  • join the partner program, today it costs you nothing but your time;

  • benefit from our training and from our "Quality Walk", an innovative driving and self-learning service;

  • we help you to face the change, supporting the planning and communication of news and new services to your audience;

  • we are not asking you for investments, you can buy on sales through a dedicated price lists or obtain commissions from purchases completed by your Customers;

  • you will get a first-level dedicated assistance, able to support you for any doubts or needs while using the platform, and with the development of the Management Systems of your Customers.

Using our platform you can:

  • differentiate your offer through an innovative and valuable proposal;

  • have an extra sales reason to approach new customers;

  • simplify the documentary approach of your Customers' Management Systems;
    receive notifications and alerts to be able to collaborate remotely in real time with your Customers;

  • receive notifications and alerts to be able to collaborate remotely in real time with your customers;

  • monitor and intervene in a timely and proactive way regarding the needs and criticalities emerging in your Customers' Management Systems;

  • remotely assist and intervene on all your Customers improvement processess;

  • provide training to use the platform;

  • modify and escalate the service according to your needs and opportunities. comes from your same world of Management Systems consulting. Although we are a software company we speak your language, we are specialized in Management Systems and we know the criticalities and opportunities of your reference market.

Thanks to this experience, we provide a ready-to-use cloud platform that does not require any IT skills and does not distract from your core business: provide consultancy!

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